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BedJet Cloud Sheet – Dual Zone King (Cooling, Heating & Climate Control just for Your Bed)

(10 customer reviews)

$576.33 BZD ★★★★★ BedJet Cloud Sheet – Dual Zone King (Cooling, Heating & Climate Control just… $159.00 See it 100% Cotton THIS ITEM IS A CLOUD SHEET ONLY. BedJet base unit sold separately. This model is a DUAL ZONE King sized Cloud Sheet. Start sleeping better with the world’s first powered cooling AND warming sheet. The […]

Last updated on May 20, 2024 11:53 am

  • 100% Cotton
  • THIS ITEM IS A CLOUD SHEET ONLY. BedJet base unit sold separately. This model is a DUAL ZONE King sized Cloud Sheet.
  • Start sleeping better with the world's first powered cooling AND warming sheet. The Cloud Sheet is an accessory item to the BedJet Climate Comfort System and not a stand-alone product. The Cloud Sheet plugs into the BedJet air supply in order to function.
  • Combine with 1 BedJet base unit to cool/heat just half your bed and leave your partner undisturbed, or use with 2 BedJet base units for independent cooling/warming of each side of the bed!
  • Dramatically improves distribution of BedJet cooling and heating air in your bed and is performance engineered out of super-soft 100% pure cotton fibers, dual fabric layers and internal air flow cavities.
  • Improves the cooling performance and cooling experience of the BedJet. As durable as your regular sheets and can be machine washed and dried just as frequently. Feels like 5-star hotel grade bed linen against your skin.

Specification: BedJet Cloud Sheet – Dual Zone King (Cooling, Heating & Climate Control just for Your Bed)







Fabric Type

100% Cotton

Special Feature


Closure Type

Pull On

Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash

Water Resistance Level

Not Water Resistant

Age Range Description


Package Dimensions

12.8 x 11.77 x 3.27 inches

Item Weight (pounds)






Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Batteries required


10 reviews for BedJet Cloud Sheet – Dual Zone King (Cooling, Heating & Climate Control just for Your Bed)

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  1. Wolf Stampe

    This is the second one we own for my husbands bed. It keeps bed cool and dry so I was able to avoid so called cooling pads.The only gripe is the nozzle and it’s mount, it’s inconvenient and sticks out too far. I’ve tried adapting it but it’s the worst part of the design. Also, the fan makes an odd noise running very slow, it has good soundproofing but needs better on the air intake. But overall saved my sleep.

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  2. C. C. Daniels

    Quality construction, nice remote, easy to use. Operates as advertised, consistent temperature control, night sleeping now much better. Make sure to use the ‘Biorhythm’ temp control function – settings will adjust automatically through the night for a comfortable sleep. Before I used it I just set a standard temp but then in the middle of the night I sometimes would wake up to turn the temp down or up.

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  3. aps in Seattle

    This product is soooooo close to perfection that it is a bit frustrating! I think it has helped me a bit. Before I point out a few opportunities for improvement, I want to say what’s good. The packaging is good and the components seem of high quality. I was concerned that the unit might make noise or vibrate; it did not. On its highest settings I could barely hear it (admittedly I did have my air purifier that also serves as my white noise generator). Still, surprisingly quiet. The set up was pretty straight forward. The instructions are missing some info that might be helpful. Better, more fuller discussion of the various modes of operation is needed. Also, the remote shows the temp set point but also (apparently) the current temp. But, where is that temp sensor? The unit can stand by the side of the bed or underneath and has a reasonable length power cord. I have it set under the bed. It has a filter that can be removed and cleaned.With the unit comes a nice 4 or 5” (I think) and assembly to distribute the air from the unit to under your covers or to their specially designed covers. The hose has a nozzle that curves to go over the edge of the bed and flattens out to go under your covers or into special inlets to their covers (discussed later).The remote is really nice and feels good to hold to set. And, there are memory buttons in which to store your favorite settings. HOWEVER, the backlight, while crisp, should be RED and not white!I also purchased the recommended BedJet, Dual-Zone King covers. These are specially constructed, high quality covers for this product. Somewhat heavy duty, they are designed to distribute the controlled air leaving the nozzle through your covers. However, this is constructed by essentially laying one top sheet over the other and stitching them on the points of matrix. So, instead of having some kind of ducting with vents throughout, it is like an open area. The upper part – the sheet away from you, is less porous so that the conditioned air does not escape into the room. The lower sheet – there in contact with your body, is less porous and you can feel the conditioned air.Where I would improve things are the red remote and, more importantly, better managing the airflow to make it more even. As it is, most of the airflow is around you feet where the hose is attached. Maybe some baffles in the sheet or splitting off some bleed air to the parts near the upper body.Anyways, this seems to be improving my sleep.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    It cools and heats very effectively. It was hard to get used to having air movement under the covers. Overall I love it!!!

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  5. Nina Lindsey

    For the record, I did like this little machine. It was very slim and fit nicely under the bed. The remote worked perfectly. I didn’t even mind air blowing up my skirt all night long. The problem came because I have four cats, one of whom likes to lay at my feet. This meant that she cut off all the air flow to my body and stole it all for herself. I ended up having to return it because of her greed. ☹️

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  6. James

    I have had it for a few weeks. My only feedback negative feedback is they need to include the special sheet for cooling. It will not work for cooling without the top sheet. Without the sheet, it is just like not having any blankets on the bed and having a fan/ac blow directly on you. For cooling expect to spend another $130ish (queen) for the top sheet. Amazon did not have the single zone sheet so I got one directly from Bedjet.That said it is working well. I may end up using my actual sheet under the special top sheet.

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  7. Kevin Williams

    What do I do about my remote control not working? I replaced the batteries already. The remote screen is just blinking

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  8. Yannick

    WoW j’étais un peu septique mais j’ai jamais aussi bien dormi merci

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  9. Heather H

    I waited a month before writing this review because I wanted to spend time using it. I am one of those people that is always hot and sleeps with a fan in their face. I have a terrible time staying cool while I sleep. I am so pleased with how well this keeps my whole body cool and not just my face. I have found that the Biorhythm is excellent. You can vary the temperature and fan speed throughout the night. I am usually warmer after an hour or so. I have it set to run at 50% for an hr and then have it speed up to 75%. I haven’t slept so well in a long time.I have not used the special sheets and you don’t have to. You do need a top sheet and a blanket. The best part is that the air is blown in between the 2 and not directly on you. You do have to make sure that there is nothing heavy at the bottom of your bed so it doesn’t block the airflow.All in all, well worth the $500 I spent.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I am an absolute fireball, have migraines and can’t sleep well in a room over 68*. My sleeping partner can’t get near me. Living in FL, cooling the house or even just the room is expensive and honestly, impossible at certain times of the year. The jet solved everything, it’s made such a huge difference.I chose this over the water filled ones because I did not want to put anything with water on my Tempur, did not want to clean anything with water, worry about mildew, clogging, etc. Plus this one was cheaper and easier to use overall.I was concerned about inconsistent temperature, that maybe only part of me would cool. Like the sheet side would stay cold and mattress side of me would stay hot, but nope – this pulls the heat from everywhere and I cannot recommend this enough for those with memory foam who sleep hot.I am perfectly, consistently cool all over. NEVER thought it would be possible. Cannot believe I waited so long.Sleeping partner doesn’t complain of cold creep to their side, but said it is much nicer to sleep next to someone who is not a fireball, even the dog can lay next to me now and will even crawl under the covers like he prefers to do.I only got one jet because our theory was that I put off enough heat to warm the whole room / bed, and that turned out to be correct.I use it with the sheet, makes a big difference. Sheet is nice, thick, and good quality. Have washed it about 20x and still looks new. Good seams. I think without the sheet the air alone is only about 40% as effective, they are definitely made to work together.One thing to know: The room temp has to be less than 77* for it to get to it’s max cool. But even if you can’t get it to max cool it will still work pretty well. I think Florida electric companies should give us a heat saver discount to buy them, it will reduce the load on the grid, lol. This thing has saved me hundreds of dollars already in AC costs and has improved the sleep comfort for us both. I cannot believe we did not know about it sooner.

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    BedJet Cloud Sheet – Dual Zone King (Cooling, Heating & Climate Control just for Your Bed)
    BedJet Cloud Sheet – Dual Zone King (Cooling, Heating & Climate Control just for Your Bed)

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