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Cat Water Fountain with Water Level Window, AONBOY 108oz/3.2L Cat Fountain, Dog Water Fountain Stainless Steel, Hemispherical Shape, Multi-Filter, Silent Pump, Water Tap, Provides Flowing Water

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$169.25 BZD ★★★★★ Cat Water Fountain with Water Level Window, AONBOY 108oz/3.2L Cat Fountain,… $39.99 See it ➮【Why Choose a Flowing Water Source?】 Cats prefer flowing water. Cats are less interested in static water sources. The shape of the faucet satisfies a cat’s curiosity and exploratory nature. In addition, the circulation of water can keep it […]

Last updated on April 10, 2024 1:09 pm

  • ➮【Why Choose a Flowing Water Source?】 Cats prefer flowing water. Cats are less interested in static water sources. The shape of the faucet satisfies a cat's curiosity and exploratory nature. In addition, the circulation of water can keep it clean for a long time. Use AONBOY's cat water fountain to give your pet access to flowing water, and they will enjoy drinking it.
  • ➮【"Big Eyes", Water Level Display】 You can check the amount of water remaining in the cat fountain at any time through the display window. There is no need to tediously open the lid of the cat fountain. This can't be done on ordinary stainless steel cat fountain. It can save your time.
  • ➮【SUS304, Healthy Food Grade Material】 Pet water fountain is made of high quality stainless steel imported from Germany. It is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and oxidation, fully reflecting the quality and safety. Compared with plastic materials, pet water fountain can effectively prevent black chin in cats. (Note: the water level window is not stainless steel and cannot be used in the sterilizer)
  • ➮ 【108oz/3.2L Capacity, 8 Days of Drinking Water】 Dog water fountain capacity is 3.2L, which can meet the drinking water of an adult cat for about 8 days. If you have a short trip, your pet can also drink fresh domestic water every day. Dog water fountain helps you to save the tedious steps, add water once and enjoy a comfortable life.
  • ➮【Multiple Filtration, Healthier】 Cat water dispenser's filter uses high-density filter cotton, activated carbon coconut shell material and ion exchange resin cartridges, in addition to pre-filter sponges on the pump. These filters provide multiple purifications, from intercepting hair and fine debris, to softening hard water and filtering out invisible particles. Healthier water!(Search B0C73TR23R, B0C73XNDX3 for replacement filter and pump)
  • ➮【Silent Pump, Silent Night】 The water fountain for cats inside combines a low-noise pump with a specially designed spherical structure to reduce noise during operation. Provides a good night's sleep for you and your pet. Our pumps come with a two-year warranty. If you encounter any problems, please contact us. Additional accessories are also available for purchase in our store.

Specification: Cat Water Fountain with Water Level Window, AONBOY 108oz/3.2L Cat Fountain, Dog Water Fountain Stainless Steel, Hemispherical Shape, Multi-Filter, Silent Pump, Water Tap, Provides Flowing Water

Product Dimensions

9.06 x 9.06 x 4.69 inches, 1.85 Pounds

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Date First Available

June 2, 2023





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13 reviews for Cat Water Fountain with Water Level Window, AONBOY 108oz/3.2L Cat Fountain, Dog Water Fountain Stainless Steel, Hemispherical Shape, Multi-Filter, Silent Pump, Water Tap, Provides Flowing Water

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  1. stankovski

    Der Katzenbrunnen aus hochwertigem rostfreiem Stahl ist nicht nur ein ästhetisches Meisterwerk, das sich harmonisch in jedes Zuhause einfügt, sondern er erweist sich auch als wahrer Anziehungspunkt für meine Katzen. Von Anfang an wurden sie von der sanften Wasserströmung magisch angezogen. Es ist ein beruhigender Anblick, sie dabei zu beobachten, wie sie mit faszinierten Augen das plätschernde Wasser betrachten.Was mich besonders freut, ist die beeindruckende Geräuschlosigkeit dieses Brunnens. Frühere Modelle, die ich ausprobiert habe, erzeugten störende Geräusche, die meine Katzen abschreckten. Doch dieser Brunnen verströmt eine angenehme Ruhe und fördert eine entspannte Atmosphäre. Meine Katzen nähern sich dem Brunnen neugierig und trinken nun viel häufiger und ausgiebiger.Die Auswirkungen auf ihre Gesundheit sind deutlich spürbar. Dank des Katzenbrunnens trinken meine Samtpfoten ausreichend Wasser, was mich als besorgte Katzenmama sehr beruhigt. Gut hydrierte Katzen sind glücklichere und gesündere Tiere, und der Brunnen erweist sich als segensreich für ihre Wohlbefinden.Die Qualität des Produkts hat mich positiv überrascht. Der Aufbau gestaltete sich kinderleicht, und die Reinigung des rostfreien Stahls ist ein Kinderspiel. Die Materialien sind robust und langlebig, was mir Gewissheit gibt, dass uns dieser Katzenbrunnen noch lange begleiten wird.Abschließend kann ich sagen, dass dieser Katzenbrunnen nicht nur unsere Katzen verzaubert hat, sondern auch mein Herz im Sturm erobert hat. Seine einzigartige Kombination aus attraktivem Design, Geräuschlosigkeit und der magischen Anziehungskraft auf Katzen macht ihn zu einem unverzichtbaren Accessoire für jeden Katzenhaushalt. Ich kann ihn wärmstens empfehlen – ein echtes Juwel für unsere pelzigen Lieblinge! 🐱💧⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  2. JLC

    . This fountain is simple/quick to assemble and also to take apart for cleaning every 2 weeks. It holds almost a gallon of water. My cat was very sick and not drinking much from her other bowl or fountain so I got this. At first, I didn’t think she was using it. I checked the water level and could tell she had been drinking from the fountain. I have a different fountain that is plastic which I put it away as this stainless version should be healthier/clean up better. I really like the window that shows the water level. The fountain is very quiet. As long as you take the impeller out of the pump and soak the parts in some vinegar and water to clean it as needed, this should be good for a long time. The fountain came with the items in the picture, including a filter.

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  3. dbhobby

    . I have 2 dogs and 5 cats. I already have a couple of the fountains but it is hard to keep them full when you don’t know how low they are. If you add too much water they run over onto the floor, I have wished that they would invent one with a window in it and here we are. I just had to try it. So glad I did. Now I wish all of mine had windows. Easy to clean. Easy to put together. My animals all love it. Looks nice also.

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    . AONBOY’s Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain is a true game-changer! I believe in data-driven decisions, and the fact that cats prefer flowing water is evident with my fur babies. They absolutely adore this fountain, and I can see why. The faucet-inspired shape piques their curiosity, and the flowing water keeps them engaged. Plus, the “Big Eyes” water level display saves me time, ensuring I never run out of fresh water for my feline friends. More importantly, this fountain is very very quiet. A must-have for cat owners!

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  5. Ken Zalewski

    . The media could not be loaded.  This is our second fountain from this company. Our cat Owen loves this type of fountain, because it simulates a running faucet, so we bought another one for our summer camp. The motor is whisper quiet. You cannot hear the motor if you are more than a few feet away from the fountain. Assembly was very simple, and maintenance and cleaning are equally straightforward. Our cat drinks from the “faucet” portion about 50% of the time, and from the “pool” portion the other 50% of the time. As a neutered male cat, Owen is predisposed to urinary blockages (he’s on a prescription diet), so drinking plenty of water is critically important for his health. This fountain helps to achieve that goal.The only caveat I can think of with this fountain (and any fountain that utilizes a top pool that empties into a bottom basin) is that in the event of a power outage, the “pool” part of the fountain will drain into the basin, and no water will be pumped back into the pool. This would only be an issue if we were leaving our cat alone for an extended period of time. In that case, we also leave our toilet seats up, as he enjoys drinking out of the toilets now and then (cats are strange creatures), and we would also leave a water bowl out for him.The extra nice thing about this fountain, as compared to our previous one, is that it has a window for observing the water level. This is quite helpful, and should guarantee the longevity of the pump because there is less of a chance that the water in the basin will drop below the minimum level. As the instructions state, the pump can be damaged if the water drops below the minimum level. So, having a visual cue for water level is a wonderful feature.The water filters seem to do their job, because the water is always sparkling clear even after a week of circulating the same water. I have not used a water test kit, so I cannot provide any scientific details on water quality – just visual observation. I do fill the fountain using water from our Brita filter, so the water has already been pre-filtered. All I can say is that after about a week of water flowing through the fountain, it looks just as clear and clean as it did when I filled it.Overall, we have been very pleased with this fountain since we purchased it. More importantly, Owen is using it and drinking plenty of water. That’s the true test of a happy customer.

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  6. Gadget Woman

    La fontanella è intuitivamente facile da montare, viene fornita di una spugnetta circolare intorno alla piccola pompa e di un filtro a carboni attivi per mantenere pulita l’acqua. Ho preferito comprare questa versione interamente in acciaio inox, rispetto a quelle di plastica, perché più igienica, atossica, facile da pulire e dovrebbe anche mantenere l’acqua più fresca.Non esiste un rilevatore di movimento, che ho acquistato a parte, per evitare che la fontanella rimanga sempre accesa, anche quando non serve. E’ vero che probabilmente il consumo di corrente è minimo, tuttavia ci sono anche i filtri da cambiare periodicamente e che comunque hanno un loro costo.Si dice che i gatti vogliono sempre acqua pulita e fresca, tuttavia riciclare continuamente gli stessi 2-3 litri d’acqua sembrerebbe contraddire in parte questo principio. Personalmente la cambio circa una volta a settimana ed uso quella imbottigliata, non quella del rubinetto che contiene troppo calcare e potrebbe creare problemi di calcoli renali al gatto. Sicuramente la fontanella risulta molto utile in caso di assenza del proprietario del gatto per un periodo più o meno prolungato, per consentire quantomeno ai gatti di bere acqua filtrata e quindi quantomeno pulita.C’è un apposito oblò munito di luce violetta per controllare visivamente il livello dell’acqua ed impedire che vada sotto il livello minimo perché altrimenti la pompa, secondo la descrizione, si blocca e non funziona più.Dopo un momento iniziale di diffidenza rispetto ad un oggetto sconosciuto, il mio gatto ha iniziato ad utilizzarla e ora beve tranquillamente l’acqua da questa fontanella.Spero che questa mia recensione risulti utile per un acquisto consapevole.

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  7. Amazon Kunde

    The fountain has a very nice and sturdy feel. The quality is even better than I imagined.The assembly could be done by a three year old so that’s also a big plus.It is way quieter than our old one and the water flow is consistent.It is possible to just change the pump, the filter even just the plug by itself separately so you don’t have to change the whole fountain. This makes this pump very long lasting.Overall it is the best pump we had in years!

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  8. JLC

    . My granddaughter tell me that I needed one of these types of bowls for my cats because they will drink more water. She is right about that, they do like the movement of the water. It is so quiet running that you don’t even know it is there doing it’s thing. The small window lets you keep track of the water level and the blue light is a nice feature. Not many moving parts so it will be easy to take care of. Very happy with my purchase.

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  9. stankovski

    Dieser Katzenbrunnen aus rostfreiem Stahl sieht edel und hochwertig aus. Das blaue LED Licht rundet die Optik perfekt ab.Den Filter zu wechseln geht sehr einfach und unkompliziert.Der Katzenbrunnen ist absolut leise. Selbst in einem stillen Raum muss man sich konzentrieren um das Geräusch der Pumpe oder des Wassers zu hören. Sobald ein Fernseher, Radio etc. läuft ist der Brunnen 0.0% zu hören.Einfach ein super Katzenbrunnen, sowie optisch als auch von der Verarbeitung.Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!

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  10. Gadget Woman

    . We got this fountain to replace the plastic fountain that was having an issue with bacterial buildup. Stainless steel is much better with regards to keeping the fountain clean for a longer time. Another benefit is that this fountain is actually much quitter than the plastic one with the “flower”.

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  11. diamond78

    . So I got this bowl and I have two puppies. And I feel like it’s more of a bull for cats just because it has that round bubble in the front. I give it five stars for the certain fact that it does what it supposed to do my dogs do like the trickling sound of the water that comes out of that Faucet hose like thing. My biggest thing is I love that it has a filter and it has the circle so I can see when the water needs to be filled. They are my babies, so I feel that they should always have clean water like I do. I feel like if you have a cat, it would be great not so much for dogs

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  12. EasyRider

    A Evey le encantó desde el primer momento, a ella siempre le ha gustado beber de los grifos y nunca le ha importado mojarse, a Bucky le conto un poco más, un par de días.Lo mejor, los gatos siempre tienen agua corriente y el depósito es bastante grande.Lo malo que les gusta jugar con el agua y suele haber alguna gota por alrededor de la funte o dejar huellas al jugar con el agua, pero antes también nos pasaba, a Evey siempre le ha gustado jugar con agua

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  13. Karen Edwards

    . This arrived and was put to use right away. All extremly effortless. Beautiful design with water level view. My cat is drawn to drink her water more freqently. We are happy with product. After using other Cat Water Fountains, this is the best and most affordable of all. These will make great gifts.

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    Cat Water Fountain with Water Level Window, AONBOY 108oz/3.2L Cat Fountain, Dog Water Fountain Stainless Steel, Hemispherical Shape, Multi-Filter, Silent Pump, Water Tap, Provides Flowing Water
    Cat Water Fountain with Water Level Window, AONBOY 108oz/3.2L Cat Fountain, Dog Water Fountain Stainless Steel, Hemispherical Shape, Multi-Filter, Silent Pump, Water Tap, Provides Flowing Water

    $169.25 BZD

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