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DEWALT 20V MAX Pruning Shears Garden Tool, Cordless, Bare Tool Only (DCPR320B)

(13 customer reviews)

$402.11 BZD

  • SMOOTH, SWIFT CUTS with non-stick coated blades
  • QUICK BLADE CHANGES: Switch blades out with the included change tool
  • BRIGHTEN DARK WORK AREAS with the on-board LED work light

Last updated on October 5, 2023 11:10 am

  • SMOOTH, SWIFT CUTS with non-stick coated blades
  • QUICK BLADE CHANGES: Switch blades out with the included change tool
  • BRIGHTEN DARK WORK AREAS with the on-board LED work light

Specification: DEWALT 20V MAX Pruning Shears Garden Tool, Cordless, Bare Tool Only (DCPR320B)





Item Weight (pounds)




Blade Type


Point Style

Round point

Cutting Width (Inches)


Product Dimensions

10.12"L x 1"W


Stanley Black and Decker

Part Number


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



One Size



Power Source

Battery Powered

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

1 DEWALT 20V MAX Pruner DCPR320B

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Warranty Description

3 Year Limited Warranty

13 reviews for DEWALT 20V MAX Pruning Shears Garden Tool, Cordless, Bare Tool Only (DCPR320B)

4.9 out of 5
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  1. clm

    . I was a bit surprised to see this tool being sold by Dewalt. Until recently it seemed that none of the large volume tool companies wanted to sell cordless pruners. I was guessing they didn’t want the liability when people chop their fingers off with the things (which is not hard to do if you’re careless). I purchased a pretty nice one a few years ago, brand name that’s difficult to spell and I wouldn’t even attempt to pronounce. But a nice tool. Then I saw this one from Dewalt, I have lots of their 20v cordless tools, so it made sense to buy it. Aside from being pretty heavy for a hand pruner, it’s just as great as I expected. If you have a large yard, or lots of trees or bushes to maintain, you need this tool. You’ll throw away all those hand pruners after using this cordless powered one. If you already have Dewalt 20v batteries and chargers, it’s an awesome addition to your tool set. It seems to run a very long time before it needs charging, so I would avoid the weight of a heavy battery and just use one of the small 2 AH lithium batteries. Very highly recommended – just keep those fingers on the other hand away from the blade!

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  2. DM

    . I have several wooded acers I mow and spend a lot of time dodging low hanging limbs and branches while doing so. This adds a lot of time to my mowing, What would have taken me a week to do with old manual lopping shears and a hand saw I was able to do in one long day with these Dewalt shears. Super easy to use one handed and will cut up to a 1.5″ branch with a few bites at it, anything about 1″ down is a quick and easy cut. Some of use know that as we get older we don’t recover like we use to from long days of yardwork and using big old lopping shears for a few days would have worn me out, but with these shears just pull of the trigger and snip the branch or limb is off. I don’t know how long these have been around but I wish I had gotten them a long time ago it would have saved me a whole lot of shoulder and back pain and made my yard work go a lot faster.. Get them, it’s one one tool that I can say was worth every penny I spent.

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  3. noclips

    . This is the most useful tool that I never knew existed. Stumbled on a video with someone using this pruner then looked into it and decided to buy one to try out. It seemed kinda crazy spending a hundred bucks on some pruners but I have zero regrets! This is by far my favorite tool in the shed. It’s actually fun and feels so satisfying to use. No more wearing out my forearms and constantly switching back and forth to the lopers, these things can do it all. As long as you aren’t trying to cut a super thick and hard branch, they cut like butter. Some bigger stuff require a couple of trigger pulls but that’s no big deal. I really love these and if you are on the fence, go ahead and try them out, I guarantee you’re going to love them.

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  4. John

    . I got this a few days ago. It does a tremendous job and it uses very little Battery. I believe that a good tool should make the job easier and make the job safer. This does both. It is so much faster than my hand pruners. It is easier to use and does a better job. I was also using a Dewalt battery powered chain saw to trim branches. It is safe, but this tool is far safer and it makes a much cleaner cut. I can cut the limb perfectly. Many times that was hard with a chain saw. You can cut from a wide variety of angles. These pruners are designed in such a way that if you hurt yourself you should not be using any power toolsI cut limbs that were up to at least an inch think. If it didn’t cut through on the first cut you pull the trigger again.Hope this helps

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Love this tool! Zero effort so much relief for my thumb!

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  6. Richard Morin

    tel que décris

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  7. JimBob-53

    . These are the perfect pruning shears (according to my wife). What I mean by that, is none of us are getting any younger. The hands are not what they used to be. My wife would struggle with manual shears, so I picked these up for her. I’m the hero (at least for day). She is very pleased with these. We use the smaller 2-Amp battery to help keep the weight down. Even with the smaller battery, these last a very long time, days even, before needing to charge. These perform exactly as advertised. Effortless. If you have a lot of garden pruning, small tree pruning, etc, invest in these. You will not be disappointed.

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  8. From Cedar Ridge

    . I already had the Dewalt batteries for other tools, so the battery life is less relevant.I had a large amount of snow damage (4.5 feet at one point but it didn’t stop for weeks) in the Sierra foothills. This tool made the cleanup much easier. It cuts so well that I primarily cut branches into small pieces for the green bin. I had hauled some branches to free green waste days, but the wait in line was very long. After I got this tool, I realized that cutting up the same number of branches into small pieces for the green bin was much faster and more efficient. In combination with the trash bin, I’ve made great progress since Mid July 2023. I notice that it heats up a bit, but that usually happens around break time. I got a little handheld battery chainsaw, but his does largely the same job with a fraction of the effort.I’m sure that this tool would be great for ordinary yard work when I’m done with the disaster cleanup. I’ve been sold on Dewalt battery tools. I like being able to use a tool at my whim, rather than when I get the damn thing started (anything with gasoline) or drag out the 50ft extension cord (for any corded tools like blowers). When I bought a generator for power company blackouts I bought one that used gas or propane, but I’ve only used propane and have no starting issues.Yes, its dangerous as hell, but way worth it. You just have to be careful.PS It’s lots of fun

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  9. Greg G.

    These pruners are fantastic! Easy to use. Takes little effort and battery power. I don’t think there is a day go by on our acreage that we don’t use this tool weather permitting!

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  10. C. Naugher

    . Already owning a dozen 20v max tools and my wife needed a new pruner, this was it. This tool has remarkable power to cut large limbs. It does have a good safety switch BUT Caution: the blades close fast. If working small limbs close to other hand it requires more concentration to stay clear of the blades.

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  11. jolaco

    . My son had one of these pruners and I figure I would give it a try. It sure beats the old-style two handed pruners, and lasts for long periods with a couple of batteries. It’s portable, sturdy and I’m able to cut through pretty thick limbs with no problem. I’ve standardized on Dewalt tools and am happy with this purchase.

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  12. Petitgars

    I have acres of Broom ( an invasive species in the Pacific Northwest). I was a little undecided about a purchase of this loper when I first saw this item on Amazon. But, after wearing out my shoulders using large two-handled lopers on the Broom, I decided to try the De Walt hand loper.It arrived in typical Amazon hypersonic time. The battery and charger have to be purchased separately – remember that.The blade is sharp, the unit is not very heavy for one-handed use and has a unique safety trigger is built into the handle. It only took an hour to charge, and I went to the Broom field. The blades are removable with a supplied integral Allen key for replacement.I could cut 1.5″ Broom stalks with ease and with two or three cuts, 2″ thick ones. The blade is quick and cuts the Broom everything- Broom, Blackberry, thistle, misc bushes- with almost no effort. The gearing isincredible. I spent at least 1.5 hours cutting and still had the power to cut, which amazed me.It is easy to handle, designed and built to keep fingers away from the blades, not unduly heavy and performs as described. A great addition for any gardener or landscaper!

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  13. Racicot

    Rapide, tranchant et puissant très satisfait jusqu’à présent et soyez vigilant pour les accident ma copine à coupé par inadvertance une tige ou broche de métal de ma clôture Frost en taillant des branches de cèdre et ce sans s’en rendre compte c’est combien ce sécateur est efficace. Je le recommande sans problème.

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    DEWALT 20V MAX Pruning Shears Garden Tool, Cordless, Bare Tool Only (DCPR320B)
    DEWALT 20V MAX Pruning Shears Garden Tool, Cordless, Bare Tool Only (DCPR320B)

    $402.11 BZD

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