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Google Pixel 4 – Clearly White 128GB – Unlocked

(9 customer reviews)

$45.09 BZD ★★★★★ Google Pixel 4 – Clearly White 128GB – Unlocked See it Point and shoot for the perfect photo. Capture brilliant color and control the exposure balance of different parts of your photos..Form_factor : Smartphone Get the shot without the flash. Night Sight is now faster and easier to use it can even take […]

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  • Point and shoot for the perfect photo. Capture brilliant color and control the exposure balance of different parts of your photos..Form_factor : Smartphone
  • Get the shot without the flash. Night Sight is now faster and easier to use it can even take photos of the Milky Way.
  • Get more done with your voice. The new Google Assistant is the easiest way to send texts, share photos, and more. [1]
  • A new way to control your phone. Quick Gestures let you skip songs and silence calls – just by waving your hand above the screen. [2]
  • End the robocalls. With Call Screen, the Google Assistant helps you proactively filter our spam before your phone ever rings. [3]

Specification: Google Pixel 4 – Clearly White 128GB – Unlocked

Product Dimensions

0.33 x 2.7 x 5.77 inches

Item Weight (ounces)




Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Best Sellers Rank

#9,071 in Cell Phones & Accessories (See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories) #49 in Single Ear Bluetooth Cell Phone Headsets #1,253 in Climate Pledge Friendly: Electronics





Connectivity technologies


Special features

Touchscreen, Bluetooth Enabled, Video Calling, 4K Video Recording, Text/Messaging, Dual Camera, Smartphone, Built-In GPS

Other display features


Human Interface Input


Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor



Clearly White

Whats in the box

USB-C to C cable, SIM tool, AC Adapter, OTG Dongle, Quick Start Guide



Date First Available

October 15, 2019

9 reviews for Google Pixel 4 – Clearly White 128GB – Unlocked

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Ricochet

    Have been using Android over 10 years and carrying Pixels the last 4 years. Love stock Android. I don’t usually buy phones at launch, but I caved this year. Don’t care about the camera, but if this is important for you, look no further. Like it’s predecessors, this phone takes nice photos. Cool design, premium feel, and a modestly updated feature set. Android is still Android after all. The phone does feel good in your hand. Screen is very nice and the 90hz refresh is noticeably smooth. If you’ve been reading reviews, you’ve probably read all this elsewhere.I do want to like this phone and am going to give it a chance, but I’m going to be merciless if the device doesn’t stand up to reasonable everyday use. What do I mean by this? We bought two phones but I’ve only opened one of them to evaluate. Set up was easy. Connect your devices and less than 10 min later, everything was transferred. Apps installed, then they updated. Ready for testing. WiFi and Bluetooth connection were fast and solid.One thing I was quite impressed with was the sound. After using earlier pixels with front firing speakers I was a little worried. Nothing to worry about here. Sound quality is very good (full and rich), and the gesture navigation skip forward and back worked for me as well, boom! 4K videos looked good and so did ones shot in 1080p.Face unlock. This was another “on the fence” item for me. Cool feature and it works, but now they have it all. Our fingerprints from the last generation of phones can now be linked with our faces. Works perfectly in pitch black darkness. Infrared wins.I still have the same (major) concerns as others. The 2800mah battery is tiny. I am extremely skeptical here, but hope I can be proven wrong. No unlimited original res photo storage. I know Google is in business to make money, but what a chump thing to do. It’s right up there with them not including a headphone adapter or headphones this time around. So this is the price you pay or accessories you forego to have the latest tech. I believe this could have been done better or differently. It’s a flagship phone, or at least that’s what Google is calling it. Congrats Google, you’ve cut just about every corner you possibly could with this device.What’s next. Let’s see how the device performs in real day-to-day usage. In the car, in a pocket with Bluetooth and the normal stuff we all do with our devices. The TINY subpar battery had better be good. Otherwise 2 of these phones are coming right back to you.My suggestion, if you didn’t jump on the launch deal is WAIT. The phone is nice, but the potential for disappointment is there. Black Friday and Christmas are just around the corner too.***Update Daily useCall and audio quality is good, using a BT headset also good. Streaming music to the cars audio system working well. Android 10 has a few quirks, but is working and very stable. I haven’t had any performance issues with the device or its OS. Although I had WiFi calling on my 3XL (AT&T) , it will not activate on this device. May I have to call them to see why.***Update after 3 weeks of ownershipWhile I am fully sold on the Face Unlock feature, I still miss the finger print reader. Its just something you become used to after years of pixel ownership. I’ve only caught myself trying to unlock the phone about 3 times with my finger. I set up face unlock without glasses, but it works when I put on reading glasses, and also while wearing sun glasses (that one is amazing). One thing people and (google) haven’t thought of. Currently, Face Unlock works even your eyes are closed. Google has said they are going to release an update that addresses this. Ok, so what happens when I’m wearing sunglasses?Trusted Devices or Places will probably address this. My phone stays unlocked in the car and at home or work. But if you are outside walking around and wearing sun glasses, you might have to PIN into the device or lift your sunglasses. This is still an unknown I guess.I called AT&T and we determined the IMEI of the phone was not “whitelisted” on their network. Hence the reason why I couldn’t activate Wi-Fi calling. It took them 3 days, but they re-provisioned the SIM (remotely) and added the ID. Wi-Fi Calling works now. If you have this problem with a new phone (any brand) that is compatible with voLTE and Wi-Fi calling, but was not purchased through your carrier (subsidy) there is always a possibility that the phone will not be “whitelisted”. You have to call customer care and be really nice. I got lucky the first time I called, sometimes it takes more than one call. The second device (other P4) which is also with AT&T (but a different plan) will not allow Wi-Fi to be activated either, so this means another call to the carrier. Hand off between Cellular and Wi-Fi or vice versa works 98% of the time. I’ve had a few dropped calls say when I’m walking into work or the house and the phone transitions from Cellular to Wi-Fi. Mostly however, it works and is stable. For those who have had Google Fi, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Wi-Fi calling capable devices attempt to switch aggressively whenever they can move voice calls to Wi-Fi.The new Google Assistant is very good. The AI they have built into the core of the OS is impressive. Not needing a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to use it makes it extremely fast. For me, this is probably the most notable upgrade from a Android/hardware perspective.BIGGEST concern >> the 2800mah battery. Remarkably, the phone lasts all day and well into the next morning without being charged. I had concerns about going to sleep with a low battery and having the phone die during the night and then no alarm in the morning. Well, it hasn’t been a problem. I typically have 17-30% percent remaining in the morning and can easily throw the phone on charge before leaving the house. I have the “always on” display turned on, and allow all notifications to display on my lock screen. I have gesture navigation enabled which keeps the soli radar chip active and looking for gestures above the device when its stationary. I stream videos and play music over Bluetooth in the car. I also use navigation when walking frequently. Normal use and the battery has held up well. This is really a matter of personal preference and your usage. Initial reviews said 3-4 hrs of screen time should be expected. I’m getting 5-6hrs. If you are on your phone for hours a day, or play games, get the XL.In closing, I have found myself >>inconvenienced

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  2. LindsayP

    When the new Pixel 4 was released I took a look at my two-year-old Pixel 2 and wondered if I really needed to upgrade, given what a great phone it had been, and still is. Giving in to a bit of retail therapy is easy, so I did.It’s an expensive business getting a Pixel phone in this country (New Zealand) since it’s a buy from Amazon in the US, shipping to the other end of the world, paying GST (our sales tax) converted to NZ dollars added up to $1,550.Was it worth it? Let’s take a look.** Edit: After nearly a year, I just love this phone, absolutely rock-solid even with over a hundred apps installed, I’m revising from 4 to 5 stars **I’ve owned a lot of android phones and had the Pixel 4 for a few months now and it’s performed pretty much flawlessly, both the software and the hardware – as I expected it would. I really like Google’s own implementation of their Android O/S – it’s clean and just works. There are some UI annoyances that I’ll come to later. Other makes (Huawei, Samsung) all seem to be clogged up with unnecessary and buggy extra apps and take years to get Android updates through. I get Google’s updates within days of release and I’ve never had a bad one.In their attempt to regain a handful of pixels from the bottom of the screen, Google have removed the Home and Back on-screen buttons and replaced them with gestures. This has or will probably occur on other makes of phone as Android 10 rolls out. The new gesture needs a swipe from the bottom edge (home) or from either side (back), and I pretty much hate it. ** Edit: You can turn that off and now I like it **If you miss the edge (it’s tricky if you have a case with a raised edge) then you end up swiping the app off to somewhere unwanted. If you get a bit close to the edge when you’re scrolling within an app, you suddenly go home or back. It doesn’t happen to me very often but when it does happen it’s infuriating. Hint: When buying a case, look for one with a low profile on the screen side – though that won’t protect the screen quite as well.As for other features, I’m not so sure there’s a lot to say. The main one is the face recognition lock which I’ve turned on and also the “Keep phone unlocked while I’m looking at it” option. I like that one, it saves the phone going black when I’m taking my time reading, or something. It’s also nice to just pick up the phone and look at it, it’s so natural, quick and easy. People seem unduly worried about the security of this feature, I’m not sure why except maybe for the unlock while you’re asleep. If someone is in a position to do that, then they are also in a position to do many awful things to me and additionally, the banking and other vulnerable stuff on my phone has a further level of security.The screen is up to par, and the glass is nice not picking up oily finger goop like all my others did after a while. I’ve given up on screen protectors, my phones are pretty safe being mostly in my pocket, and I like the feel of the screen. Feels like a solid build to me without being too heavy, though it’s heavier than the Pixel 2 and has quite a bit more screen, mostly in the length.People seem to rave about the camera and I agree it’s good, but so was the Pixel 2 so the step up doesn’t seem huge to me – but then I’m no camera buff. The Pixel 2 was a bit better at close-ups which I do a lot of when working with electronics. The Pixel 4 can be zoomed up to 8x but can’t focus closer than about 120mm which limits its use as a macro camera. The P2 was good down to about 60mm. (4.7″ and 2.4″)Sound is surprisingly good watching a video. There’s nothing at the bass end but that’s to be expected in such a small body. The volume is good and the sound spread is wide though perhaps a bit overdone. I’m not in a cathedral. I regularly use speakerphone and also Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones, and they perform very well on both phone calls and music. Bluetooth, WiFi, and 4G connectivity all seem solid.Battery life is marginal, my only real complaint about the hardware. An overnight charge to 100% would all be gone by 7pm if I wasn’t quite careful. To counter this I bought a charger for the car so I can give it a commute-time top-up and things are better now. Wireless charging is cool and Qi chargers all seem to work fine. Makes charging in the car a breeze with a charger built into the holder. Wireless charging is not fast, about 0.9 amps, compared to a fast charger which charges at nearly 3 amps (~1 hr full charge time) but it turns the phone into a hotplate and could affect battery life.I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch (SM-R810) and paired it up easily with the Pixel via Bluetooth, but with a fair amount of convoluted messing about with the Samsung apps got it all working reasonably well though it’s a bit crazy and somewhat buggy. I sure wish Samsung would produce practical software like Google does. I did a review on the watch too.So was it worth it? Probably not, but mostly because my old Pixel 2 was such a nice reliable workhorse that has never slowed down even with 150 or so apps. Every other phone I ever owned has slowly ground to a standstill. I use quite a lot of apps.Am I glad I bought it? For sure, but I just can’t part with the Pixel 2 so now that one’s a spare.

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  3. Rakesh kumar

    I have pixal pixal XL and pixal 3.this is my 4th amazing pixal 4. limited edition Phone.very very nice 😊.

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  4. KingSloth

    This phone was great out of the box and everything was working. But, once updated to android 12 internet and data connection was lost. Can’t seem to fix the issue. I still recommend the phone but be cautious about updating.

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  5. Mohsen

    It just has one flaw just the battery finishes VERY fast

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  6. Sebastian Dipietro

    Phone came as advertised, camera works great and pictures are crisp. No issues with any lag or slowness. Great value for price paid

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  7. Rakesh kumar

    All is best except battery life

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  8. Ashlie

    Bought this to replace my work phone. Came sealed new. Runs well. Fantastic voice call quality. Smooth running, good response, good volume. Graphics are nice.Go through set up slowly and don’t just agree to everything to power through the setup. Read and turn off/skip what you don’t want. There’s a lot of set up customization to consider since this is a pure Google environment.It will ask to update to Android 13 a few hours after setup. Stay connected to WiFi and do the update–it’s worth it.I purchased a drop proof case and screen protector for it. Quite pleased with my choice–it was hard to pick a phone, but the Google Pixel 4 was the correct choice for my office and at a good price.

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  9. santiago m ribasmeneclier

    El teléfono es fantástico, pero la esim viene bloqueada para Verizon…

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    Google Pixel 4 – Clearly White 128GB – Unlocked
    Google Pixel 4 – Clearly White 128GB – Unlocked

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