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Ironclad PC Gaming Gloves, Precision Fit, Performance Silicone Grip, Moisture Wicking Construction, 1 Pair, ES-IPC-04-L, Black/Yellow, Large

(15 customer reviews)

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– 5% ★★★★★ Ironclad PC Gaming Gloves, Precision Fit, Performance Silicone Grip, Moisture… $29.91 $31.79  See it 55% Nylon, 26% Polyester, 13% Spandex, 6% PU Imported Low-Friction Ceramic Slider reduces drag for faster, more precise mouse movements Performance Silicone Grip Palm to keep the mouse secure in your hand Keyboard Hand Wrist Padding for […]

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  • 55% Nylon, 26% Polyester, 13% Spandex, 6% PU
  • Imported
  • Low-Friction Ceramic Slider reduces drag for faster, more precise mouse movements
  • Performance Silicone Grip Palm to keep the mouse secure in your hand
  • Keyboard Hand Wrist Padding for Comfort in Long Sessions
  • Breathable, Moisture Wicking Fabrics deliver enhanced sweat management
  • Half Finger Coverage for Maximum Dexterity

Specification: Ironclad PC Gaming Gloves, Precision Fit, Performance Silicone Grip, Moisture Wicking Construction, 1 Pair, ES-IPC-04-L, Black/Yellow, Large



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All products manufactured and sold by Ironclad Performance Wear are warranted to the original purchaser against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase with an original receipt. Normal wear and tear, and conditions resulting from or contributed to by accident, misuse, abuse, alteration or improper care or maintenance are not covered by this warranty. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

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15 reviews for Ironclad PC Gaming Gloves, Precision Fit, Performance Silicone Grip, Moisture Wicking Construction, 1 Pair, ES-IPC-04-L, Black/Yellow, Large

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  1. Peggy babcock

    . I am right handed so these gloves work great for me. And I’m also not having any issues with buttons being pressed accidentally like the other reviewer. I’m guessing he might have gotten gloves that are slightly too big?Whatever the case, I bought these gloves because I wanted something that would keep my hands a tiny bit warmer in the cold but also allow for full dexterity. These gloves accomplish those goals for the most part, although they could be slightly warmer. That said, the design of the gloves is pretty nice. They are relatively thin so they don’t interfere with my hand movement at all and the cut of the fingers is perfect. So I have no problems pushing keys or using my mouse. The pad on the left glove works well and the slidey bit on the right glove works nicely too. Although, I’m not really sure what you are supposed to do if you are left handed.

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  2. Max

    . The first time I purchased a pair of these gloves was for a Medium pair. I figured I would try the size below suggestion they mentioned for a “snug” fit. When I received the gloves I excitedly tried them on for size. Turns out the Medium par is just a little too tight after a long session and the padding and slick padding are both just too short on the wrist to be 100% effective against mouse burn and callusing. I returned the item as I really wanted them and believed a large pair would fit better also perform better.After the refund was approved I purchased the Large which was out of stock at the time which I did not mind so I waited. Made the order on Jan 19th, I received the “Large” pair today on feb 12th. Only this time the box clearly is labeled “Large” however the gloves on the inside were actually another Medium pair. On top of the fact that the seller sent a packaged item with the wrong packaged item inside the gloves appeared used. As if washed once before. Threads on the glove seemed frayed from an apparent wear and tear. I am sure what was sent to me this time was a “used” pair of the wrong size gloves improperly packaged and sold at a “new” price. I am after this review probably going to keep my refund and move on from these gloves as I am not willing to wait even longer for a “used” ‘new’ pair of “Large” ‘Medium’ gloves.

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  3. ShadowfoX

    . Now I used these for about 2 months now and at first they were amazing. That is until they started to fall apart…They are made of a great material, very comfortable and they are extremely helpful for when I have longer practice sessions or tournaments. The padding is perfect, the non slip material is exactly what I need, and the fingerless flairs at the tip of each finger allows a lot of flexibility and reach.But I started having issues not even 2 months after. During my practice my pinky on my right hand started to feel much more loose than normal, to then see the stitching has completely unraveled and the entire thing started to split in half.I stitched it back myself hoping that it would fix it, but then 2 hours later my left hand index started to feel the same way and low and behold…the same thing happened.It’s really a shame, Ironclad is known for their durable gloves but these? This is almost a complete opposite in quality. They are such a strong company that now makes a product that falls apart???I unfortunately now have a sour taste in my mouth due to this. I reached out to customer support and no one responded to any forms of contact.To sum things up, an amazing glove company makes a poor quality pair of gloves and then completely turns their back on the customer. Until they turn things around, I do not feel like I trust this brand anymore.Ironclad, if your reading this, you might just want to rethink how you do business.

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  4. J. Almeida

    . I purchased these because I frequently have issues with hand fatigue while working at the PC both gaming, at work and while using an art-pad. The compression that the gloves offer stops achy-ness and the built in padding on the keyboard hand is just the right thickness to give you some wrist support. The smooth part on the mouse hand is, unfortunately, textured so that it’s less effective if you use a full-desk mousepad (it almost feels like the texture is catching on the pad fibers) The fit is true to measurements but a word of advice. If you have thick hands getting them past the straps can be a hassle. I have to completely detach the straps to fit the band over my hand each time I put them on, a fact made harder because the straps bell out specifically to stop the strap from completely disconnecting. Overall I would say 4 Out of 5 because issues aside I definitely prefer wearing them while working to not and they almost completely stop hand fatigue. And they’re even better when using an art pad than when using the keyboard and mouse.

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  5. J.C.

    . Tighter than I expected, usually Ironclad gloves fit well based on their sizing, but these are simply tight and snug around all the fingers, but not enough to interfere with circulation, just noticeable.The biggest issue I have is with the switch to secure the cuff system loop on the right hand.The right hand has ceramic on the pinky side of the hand, to air in sliding on a mouse pad.The stitch to keep the cuff on doesn’t blend into the ceramic, nor is it covered as seen in the picture included.This has lead to me making tiny scratches on my mouse pad as I use my right hand to wipe off anything that may be on the pad while in use.These scratches could lead to increased wear and tear on the pad, unfortunately.Sure, I’ll try to adjust my movement to avoid scratches, but it’s muscle memory at this point, and by the time I remember I’ll probably need to replace both my pads.I’d like to see the stitch covered by the ceramic or otherwise modified so this is a non-issue.It’s a minor issue, but my biggest and sadly is enough to justify me not repurchasing what is an otherwise decent product when I find myself in need of a replacement in the future.

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  6. Pentar Stonedrake

    . Man. I am sad to say that these are not well designed for serious gaming on soft cloth, gaming mouse pads.I play Apex Legends quite a bit and these were meant to help me with a couple of things.I’ve too much weight strain on my keyboard hand after hours of play and also in need of moisture absorption for both hands, particularly my mouse wielding hand.So, the keyboard glove…in all honesty is okay. It’s not great. But it’s okay.What would have made them great is if the strap actually traveled up to the wrist so I can tighten it around that area to provide a bit of compression and support. I do appreciate the palm padding (they call it the wrist pad, but in reality, its located around your palm). It does help after hours of grinding where my left arm begins to weigh down my hand a bit.But here’s the real problem. The mouse glove…It has these tiny cool looking little ceramic patterns. Unfortunately, these patterns are a big no no for smooth gliding on a typical clothe gaming mouse pad.The patterns have multiple sharp edges in them that catch the tiniest mouse pad fibers and thus actually provide more friction than a sweaty palm. :(In time, this glove would also destroy your mouse pad surface if you continued to use it.What I would have done, is to propose a better and simpler designed pattern of these little tiles.Instead of jagged edged complicated patterns, I would have instead gone with simple circular droplets all around that area. Nothing complex. Just perfect little smooth, semi rounded dots of ceramic tiles.This would help allow this glove to glide smoothly over a soft gaming mouse pad.I’m befuddled by this design approach with the tiny and unnecessarily complicated ceramic patterns with sharp edges. Yes, they look cool, but they’re also not very functional. Circular droplets is the way to go here. Or perhaps try using a different fabric that is friendly and slick over soft gaming mouse pads. They’d have to also take into account the moisture that builds up over time.I hope Ironclad continues to work with their design and bring a better product to the plate in the future. I’d be happy to try them out.But these current ones just won’t work. I mean… I guess I can still rock the keyboard glove. But I really would like to have my mouse glove to help with the moisture. (palm sweat)Because of this, I was very close to returning them. But, what I will do instead, since I do plan to buy a hard surface mouse pad soon, I will hold onto them as I believe they will work fine on slick plastic surfaces. The mouse glove does glide nicely over my wood finish table top. But I need a pad for max tracking. So. We’ll see how it fares then.I’m sorry to Ironclad for the 2 star, but I feel I have to grab your attention here and hope you’ll consider my suggestions or take my experience into account and help better your product in the future.The gloves feel great after a day of usage. But they’re just not fully usable right now. Not on my soft gaming mouse pad at least.I will update my review score once I apply a hard surface mouse pad, as I think it will work well with it (hopefully). But please make note of this factor. I didn’t see any information about this anywhere around your product’s description. Otherwise I would have thought twice of purchasing them.

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  7. Curtis

    . I does the job of keeping warm. Unlike other Gamer gloves, this does have a fair amount of grip all around, allowing me to play and seamlessly shift from mouse and keyboard, to a controller, or to shift over to type. It’s fairly decent for those cold nights in winter. This is a well designed glove with padding, grip, and texture all aroundThe problem lies in the manufacturing. There are little bits here and there that are poking out at the gloves, which makes me question the durability. If that weren’t the only issue, the bottom side isn’t stitched around the edges, it’s cut. And where it’s cut digs into the skin the moment I begin to curl my fingers a little bit. Then the stitching. It’s some kind of plasticky threads, and I can feel them all throughout the gloves.Most of these feelings are negligible when gaming, but can be irritating at times, which is why I’m even rating this 3 stars. But these are the only gloves I can find that have even the basic amount of grip along the palm, and so I can’t really find any better

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  8. Big Ben

    . Those gloves have some great ideas but the implement could definitely use some work. The keyboard hand is pretty good and definitely improves the pressure on your wrist. The mouse hand seems to be designed for only one specific type of grip and the slide zones do not extend up far enough on the inner palm causing wear to occur on the fabric. This seems like a strange oversight.Overall, I like these gloves, but definitely temper your expectations.

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  9. Burninwulf

    . I have this smooth mouse that my hand keeps slipping off of so I bought these for some grip. They work well enough for that purpose. I do notice they are unusually tight though. I’ve read this in the other reviews and it is true. I wear a medium and all other products are even a bit big for me on medium, but these gloves in a medium are rather snug. Its a bit of effort to get them off again – and had I realized this I would have bought a size larger, which I recommend you do if you’re considering. Also, perhaps due to the tightness, I notice a pinching on the inside of my pinky finger – this is the location of a seam in the glove I see and it pressing on your finger after a long gaming session is a bit annoying – I attribute this to the size thing, had I gotten them bigger it probably would be a non-issue. Regardless, they’re decent gloves, but consider getting the larger size yourself.

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  10. Ragamuffin.EX

    . I love how the sides are different for each hand. Padded for the keyboard (though my keyboard has a padded rest already) and made to glide on the mouse pad. Definitely measure your hand. I figured, as I’m a big boy, that I’d need a larger glove, and was full of doubt after I measured and it said I’d want a medium, but it’s a perfect fit.I have two complaints, one of which may be unfounded, I haven’t had them long enough to be sure.First, they don’t feel durable. The palm part feels like it’ll wear down or tear too easily. In their defence, they may hold up way better than I feel like they will.My biggest complaint though is the seam from the wrist to the thumb hole. I don’t know why, but the material there is scratchy. Worse on the left hand than the right, but both have it. Feels like there’s a tag or something constantly and is itchy.Besides that I really do like these though.Edit: The scratchy bit must have smoothed out or worn off, as I no longer have that issue. They’re still holding up really well. I honestly won’t get to truly test the durability till it warms up and my hyperhidrosis gets to go wild again. (Sweaty hands, the worst) But I do still, even when cold, have sweaty hands issues, so they’re doing well so far.Also helps that my sweaty palms are covered.Further edit: shortly after I said the scratchy stopped, I noticed it again. It’s definitely not as bad as at first though.I’ve washed them since initially reviewing and they held up way better than I thought they would. Hands have been in overdrive with sweating. It really is nice having my palms covered. I’ve been using them with my switch as well, and am considering their console gaming gloves for that reason. (These are a bit clunky for holding my hands the way I do with a controller or switch, and having my fingertips covered as well would keep my sweaty fingers from slipping. I just wish there were color options.

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  11. Pentar Stonedrake

    . Out of the box: Immortals 1/2 finger coverage gloves for PC gaming. very well made. looked a little small for my hands ( i did measure my hands correctly). No visual imperfections.First try on: Perfect fit that can only get better. Anyone whos ever owned a pair of boots would know that eventually the boot will break in and mold to your feet after a week of intermittent use. These gloves are built the exact same way. (more on that below)Build: Obvious things out of the way first, left hand has palm padding, very comfortable while leaning hand on desk for things like QWER and WASD. Right hand has palm coating for mouse pad slide. (works like magic on my glass mousepad skypad 3.0) On smoother cloth pads it still slides pretty well. on more slower surfaces i can imagine it to be not as efficient. Gloves end right before the wrist. i dont know if anyone else hates wearing gloves because of a tingling sensation around the wrist from the gloves ending right on it but i do. and this is perfect it really does help feel like you arent wearing gloves. Top portion of the gloves feature a very thin “cooling” fabric that does seem to work. Overall compression around hands is comfortable.Getting better with age? Between the webbing of each finger youll find folds of extra fabric (for guarantied fit and to allow expansion. stitching is double layered and will allow for more of the material to stretch and mold to hands over time. As it does mold to your hands you can still control the tightness of the glove overall with the attached strap and buckle which is also pretty comfortable.After a week of hardcore use, ill update and tell you if i was right or wrong about the gloves holding up and getting better. as well as any other updates. thanks for reading.

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  12. Iain Breadner

    . THE BAD:After wearing the gloves one time I noticed the velcro strap stitching on the left glove had seperated from the stitching meant to hold it in place (see photo).THE GOOD:I was able to fix the stitching using fabric glue. After using the gloves a few hours I have grown to love them. Initially, my dexterity and tactile sensation was thrown way off. It did not take long to become acustomed to the difference.The gloves solve my two issues gaming. Sweaty hands (although my fingertips still sweat) and more importantly, very cold hands.

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  13. J. Almeida

    . And uncomfortable they look cool though

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  14. ronald lawver

    . Since i work full time from home and also i play a lot of video games to relax my hands always hurt a lot in the end of the day, since i’ve gotten these gloves that pain stopped, they’re very durable as well, 2 years and counting, still feeling as good as the first day they arrived.

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  15. Iain Breadner

    . Fit on the gloves is good, a little tight and hard to get off, but it makes for a better experience. Grip is good and I don’t get sweaty using them. HOWEVER, something they don’t say in the product listing that they really should say is that the “Ceramic Mouse Slider” that can be seen on the right glove, while doing it’s job perfectly well on hard, smooth surfaces, is TERRIBLE for soft fabric mousepads. After only a day of use, I noticed my right glove start to scratch when I moved my hand, and realized the mouse slider material had lifted in a few spots, leading to the glove scratching my mousepad. I don’t have a hard surface mousepad as I don’t like how they feel, so these gloves are pretty much useless to me now. The product is fine, but don’t buy it if you use a fabric mousepad. I’d suggest Ironclad’s other gloves with no ceramic slider, as they only have the mesh fabric and the smooth soft material. You’d be missing out on the built in wrist rest, but honestly the wrist rest doesn’t really stand out at all in practice.

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    Ironclad PC Gaming Gloves, Precision Fit, Performance Silicone Grip, Moisture Wicking Construction, 1 Pair, ES-IPC-04-L, Black/Yellow, Large
    Ironclad PC Gaming Gloves, Precision Fit, Performance Silicone Grip, Moisture Wicking Construction, 1 Pair, ES-IPC-04-L, Black/Yellow, Large

    Original price was: $31.79.Current price is: $137.94. BZD

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