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Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Pro Controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC: RGB Lighting – Remappable Buttons & Triggers – Mecha-Tactile Buttons & D-Pad – Trigger Stop-Switches – Black

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$514.64 BZD ★★★★★ Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Pro Controller for Xbox Series X|S,… $149.99 See it ONE OF THE BEST VALUED XBOX CONTROLLERS — Gives player a Noticeable Advantage in Competitive Play. – Windows Central, Oct. 2021. Compatibility : Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC POWERED BY RAZER CHROMA RGB — Enjoy Greater Immersion […]

Last updated on March 1, 2024 6:04 pm

  • ONE OF THE BEST VALUED XBOX CONTROLLERS — Gives player a Noticeable Advantage in Competitive Play. - Windows Central, Oct. 2021. Compatibility : Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC
  • POWERED BY RAZER CHROMA RGB — Enjoy Greater Immersion and Customize with 16.8 Million Colors and Lighting Effects via the Razer Controller Setup for Xbox App
  • 6 ADDITIONAL REMAPPABLE BUTTONS — Unleash Greater Control and a More Personalized Play Style with 4 Extra Triggers and 2 Remappable Bumpers That Can Be Customized via the Razer Controller Setup for Xbox App
  • HAIR TRIGGER MODE WITH TRIGGER STOP-SWITCHES — For a Competitive Edge, Activate Hair Trigger Mode via Two Slide-Locks on the Underside of the Controller That Greatly Reduce Travel Distance to the Main Triggers, Enabling an Ultra-Fast Rate of Fire
  • MECHA-TACTILE ACTION BUTTONS AND D-PAD — Wield Hyper-Responsive Actuation with a Cushioned Touch and Greater Tactility When Executing Moves
  • INTERCHANGEABLE THUMBSTICK CAPS — Includes a Set of Short and Extended Grips for a More Natural and Precise Analog Motion to Fit Different Play Styles
  • IMPROVED ERGONOMICS — The Controller’s Modified L-Shaped Handgrips Come with Non-Slip Rubber Grips for a Secure Yet Agile Hold — Natural, Effortless Control for All-Day Gaming

Specification: Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Pro Controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC: RGB Lighting – Remappable Buttons & Triggers – Mecha-Tactile Buttons & D-Pad – Trigger Stop-Switches – Black



Release date

September 14, 2021


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Product Dimensions

6.26 x 4.17 x 2.57 inches, 9.52 Ounces

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Video Game



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Date First Available

September 14, 2021

10 reviews for Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Pro Controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC: RGB Lighting – Remappable Buttons & Triggers – Mecha-Tactile Buttons & D-Pad – Trigger Stop-Switches – Black

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  1. Loregnum

    I’ve been using this controller for 4 months now with many hours (well over 100 and probably over 200) so I figure I can write a review.I had my Elite Series 1 controller finally effectively die on me in the summer after many years of wonderful use. Really liked that controller. I would have replaced it with the Series 2 but the numerous reviews and comments about issues with sticking buttons and other problems ever since it came out made me say “nope!” given how much it costs. I decided on this one mainly because it was on sale for $130 at the time I ordered it.I thought being wired would bug me but I actually prefer it in some ways and I sit close enough to my computer where the cord isn’t a problem. The only real issue I could see with this would be if the USB C plug wore out or got damaged to where the connection would be too loose yet it seems like it’ll last for a while and won’t get damaged.The controller plastic feels good and while the controller doesn’t have any super grippy texture to it, its texture it does have doesn’t feel slippery. The entire thing definitely doesn’t feel cheap, even if it may not feel as high end as a more expensive controller.In terms of the thumbsticks, they have been problem free and they have a bit more tension than the Series 1 sticks had. No complaints so far with these. Would it have been nice if they had a tension adjustment like the Series 2 supposedly has? Sure, yet the tension they come with works well for me and I prefer it to the looser style the Series 1 sticks had. I use the default tops rather than the optional tops you get in the box.The buttons feel nice as they are clicky and I really really like the two added buttons at the top near the triggers and bumpers. I don’t like the placement of the bumpers vs the triggers so I use these two added buttons mapped as the bumpers which is nice and it’s easy to hit them as I barely have to move my fingers off the triggers. Wonderful placement. The triggers have the hair trigger switch on the back which cuts out some travel but it’s not a super amount (feels like at most 50%) so anyone that requires the most minimal movement would probably want to look elsewhere. I do not play shooters so this is fine for me.After using the Series 1, I came to the conclusion I never want to use another controller without back paddles/buttons and while I like there being paddle buttons at the back of this, I do not like their placement. It just feels awkward vs where they are with the Elite Series. I don’t know why they would position them in the middle like that instead of near the grips where your fingers would naturally rest. This is my main complaint with the controller.Another placement I don’t like would be the start and menu/back buttons. They shouldn’t be high up and on an angle like how they are, especially the back button which is awkward to hit with the left thumbstick in the way. In the one game I play which uses that button for a map, I actually remapped it to one of the back paddle buttons.I also don’t like the d-pad design and wish it was just a regular 4 bar type thing instead of this circle style design. I don’t use the d-pad much so it’s not a huge issue or dealbreaker yet something I wish was different.The software you use for the controller seems fine to me. I was able to easily remap certain buttons and can easily store different profiles. I don’t have an interest with the lighting the controller has so I turned that off.The rumble is definitely better than it was with my Series 1 controller. No idea how it compares to other controllers yet this seems to be good and better than I was expecting.Many reviews that I read before ordering complained about the controller size saying it was too big. I have what I figure are average sized hands for a 6 foot adult male and I don’t find the controller too big. It is definitely a bit larger and chunkier than the Series 1 but not to the point it isn’t comfortable to hold or difficult to reach the buttons. I will say it felt a bit weird at first with how the grips are shaped when it arrived but I got used to it after a few hours. Have definitely not had any hand fatigue, cramping, or other issues like that and I’ve had numerous days where I was playing for 5+ hours straight. I also have a jacked up right wrist with some carpal tunnel that can flare up and this controller has not given me any discomfort there. I saw one review of a guy claiming he has huge hands/fingers and implied reaching the back paddles is tough for him and all us mere mortals with averaged sized hands would have a problem. Well, either that guy doesn’t have the Shaq sized hands he thinks he does or my hands and fingers are longer than I think because the paddle buttons are not difficult at all to reach. Their positioning is again, a bit awkward feeling but not hard to reach.Overall, this is a solid controller and I think a good deal for the sale price of $130 considering the competition. At the regular price of $190, I think it may still be an alright option yet I would say anyone looking to buy should wait for it to go on sale again. It’s hard to get around the idea of paying $200+ after tax for a game controller.

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  2. John Hensley

    . Six months in with this. Plug and play, somewhat easy to extensively customize with an app you download (my case was Xbox Series X), and it has a lot of buttons. I primarily bought this because it was expensive (expecting quality), good reviews, customizable, was wired, etc. I didn’t want another wireless controller, thinking that would effect response time.After using this for the six months, I went back to the OEM Xbox controller. Reason one: I wasn’t aware that you could connect the stock controller with a wire (should have read the directions). Two: This controller has too many buttons for me. Seems like that would be a great feature, and for someone else, it very well may be. For me, the extra buttons caused problems, primarily that I would be continually hitting a button that wasn’t desired or would bump into a button that would cause issues with my play. Three: My gameplay response was noticeably faster with the stock unit (Halo Infinite, multiplayer).I don’t want to knock this controller based on my gameplay; the unit has a quality feel, super customizable, and really no functional issues at all. For someone else, this may be exactly what they need. Turned out that simpler and basic, with a wire, was what I needed. And by the way, after six months of use, everything works and looks exactly the same as the day it came out of the box.Summary: quality is very high and worth the price. Hope the button layout works as you like, especially the buttons on the bottom.

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  3. Darren Ace

    . This controller is probably one of the best I’ve had over the years, but they missed an opportunity to make it one of the best ones in the market overall.Sticks are not hall-effect joysticks so you’ll get drift eventually.The software helps, but even now it detects a very minuscule deviation albeit at below the .0 range, at the lowest deadzone setting already.For comparison, I have an 8bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth with hall-effect sticks and those report zero deviation even below the .0 range.The extra buttons feel great and have good location.The back pedal-buttons need some getting used to, but they’re not that bad and my fingers stop right on top of them.I’ve had more trouble with accidental presses on other styles of back buttons.8-way D-pad may be a hit or miss for the user, but I like it enough despite hating 8-way d-pads due to past experiences with them. This is the best one I’ve tried so far.Trigger-stops are smooth, and I must say they feel good.Other controllers I’ve tried felt like they would break eventually, because the stopper mechanism feels more like something is just blocking the trigger part-way, leading to a “crunch”.These on the other hand, feel like the “bottom” of the triggers just become shallower with nothing blocking the trigger on the way. I don’t know how they did that, but this is way better.You have no manual way to map the extra buttons and have to go through the software, even if just to switch profiles. This is one of this controller’s cons.Razer advertises this as a tournament-ready controller so the software only allows you to assign single, specific, buttons onto the extra buttons. IMO this is an unfortunate mistake. If tournaments wanted to prevent players from cheating with macros, they should just do proper pre-fight checking of equipment and software. Pretty sure they already do that too, so there’s really no reason for this excuse.All these extra buttons would have been great if you could save macros on the buttons and profiles per game. Would be great if it had on-board memory and manual assignment too. Many players would probably benefit from this. They didn’t do this for this controller so it’s lost some points on that regard.Last but not the least, the plastic kind of feels cheap. It’s the same Razer-brand plastic that they use on their mice, and even has some rubbery grip-like portions, but I feel like the Gameboy-ish type of plastic used on 8bitdo’s controllers are better to the touch. Razer plastic likes to absorb skin oil over time.Overall, a great product but still with flaws. They could’ve gone with the full mile of stuff I mentioned above for this price, but these companies seem to design products with intentional flaws so as not to steal the market share of other products within their line with a “perfect” product that has all the bells and whistles and nothing to complain about (except the price). I would probably not find a controller that can replace this one, with all the same features, but from a different brand for a long time. Durability is going to be a test of time matter so I won’t speak about it.

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  4. IzzyPzzy

    . This controller provides extremely articulate controls and makes any game feel like butter, and adds extra buttons that actually feel comfortable. I was initially worried about remapping being unnecessarily complicated and finicky, but it was extremely easy to put them to use. Each individual game can have their own button layout, or you can have your buttons customized for accessibility. The cord is designed okay, but the controllers USB-C port has a small gap that made the controller have disconnections intermittently. This is not a problem if the cord has no tension, but when it is fully extended the cord will pop out. The cord length is exceptional, but the only downside is that it will be pulled out very easily when the cord is fully extended. The only thing that could make this controller better is a rubber piece around the USB-C port on the controller that keeps the wire in place.

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  5. Luis Salazar

    Lo encontré a un buen precio y debo decir que es muy buen mando, la calidad de los materiales, los acabados y estéticamente es bonito, también el feeling de los botones mecánicos es diferente a lo que se acostumbra con los botones de membrana, muy buen mando

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  6. Luis Salazar

    El control es bastante cómodo al utilizar y quita las molestias de cambiar las baterías, tiene buena calidad y los gatillos es bastante interesante por su modo recortados

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  7. Dustin

    . Love the controller, feel, the buttons that clickl like a mouse which I love. The Wolverine V2/V2/Chroma are my favorite controllers by a mile (haven’t tried scuff instinct pro yet but not spending $250 a year after it wears out) but just be carefulful when you get it to determine both sticks aren’t defective. I’ve had 3 of these including one sent back. Noticed the right stick seemed to be moving despite not touching it. Opened up the Xbox accessory app to look at stick sensitivity and it showed clearly it was faulty and jumping around while the other stick was like the others on my other 2 V2 Chroma and 2 Wolverine V2 non-chroma. The quality otherwise is excellent although after heavy use a buttoned will eventually wear and get stuck around the 9-12 month mark of heavy use. If you can get the controller around the $80-90 range or less go for it. If it does come defective they’ll replace it with one quickly (for an online only store anyway(

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  8. Jorge Salazar

    Un gran control de Xbox, muy ergonómico y el ajuste de gatillos es algo que siempre busco, materiales de calidad.Vale la pena.

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  9. MT

    The media could not be loaded.  Los joysticks son muy fáciles de mover. Los botones y la cruceta se hunden poco, lo cual mejora mucho el tiempo de respuesta de los clicks, además de que suenan muy bien. No utilizo mucho los botones adicionales, pero el botón de circulo que está sobre el botón de captur a, es muy útil en multijugador. Es bueno que se puedan configurar la profundidad de los gatillos dependiendo de tu necesidad dentro del juego. El grip trasero y el tamaño del control son muy cómodos (Ligeramente más largo que el control original de series X|S) Lo recomiendo completamente

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  10. Brandi Kitty

    . I adore this gamepad. I’ve been through two in as many years with spongy rubber internal stuff, and this is MECHANICAL. I cannot stress enough how great that is if you are someone who uses a gamepad for anything other than visual novels or OG NES Tetris beyond level 3. If cost is an issue: this is worth saving for and getting a protection plan for if you consider yourself clumsy like me. Also, the thumbsticks have removable covers which make packing and traveling easier. So that’s neat.

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    Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Pro Controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC: RGB Lighting – Remappable Buttons & Triggers – Mecha-Tactile Buttons & D-Pad – Trigger Stop-Switches – Black
    Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Wired Gaming Pro Controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC: RGB Lighting – Remappable Buttons & Triggers – Mecha-Tactile Buttons & D-Pad – Trigger Stop-Switches – Black

    $514.64 BZD

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