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Introducing Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet, our most powerful tablet yet, vivid 11″ display, octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 14-hour battery life, 64 GB, Gray

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– 21% ★★★★★ Introducing Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet, our most powerful tablet yet, vivid… $179.99 $229.99  See it BIGGER, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL — Vivid 11“ screen with 2.4 million pixels (2000 x 1200 resolution) lets you see every detail of your favorite movies, TV shows, and games. Certified for low blue light. MAX PERFORMANCE […]

Last updated on May 25, 2024 7:33 am

  • BIGGER, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL — Vivid 11“ screen with 2.4 million pixels (2000 x 1200 resolution) lets you see every detail of your favorite movies, TV shows, and games. Certified for low blue light.
  • MAX PERFORMANCE — Built with a powerful octa-core processor, 4 GB memory, and Wi-Fi 6 for fast streaming, responsive gaming, and quick multitasking.
  • THIN AND LIGHT — Sleek aluminum design is also durable. It has strengthened glass and is 3 times as durable as the iPad 10.9-inch (10th generation) as measured in tumble tests.
  • ALL-DAY ENTERTAINMENT — With 14-hour battery life, maximize your downtime for reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music at home and on-the-go. Save your favorites with 64 or 128 GB storage, and expand to up to 1 TB with micro-SD card (sold separately).
  • VERSATILE FOR WORK AND PLAY — Optional Fire Max 11 Keyboard Case and/or Made for Amazon Stylus Pen (sold separately). Try Microsoft 365 Personal for 3 months (auto renews for $6.99/month after free trial, eligibility and terms apply).
  • CLEAR COMMUNICATION — The 8 MP camera makes for clear calls to friends and family on Zoom.
  • GREAT FOR FAMILIES — Amazon Kids offers easy-to-use parental controls on Fire tablets. Subscribe to Amazon Kids+ for access to thousands of books, popular apps and games, videos, songs, Audible books, and more (subscription rates apply).
  • SMART-HOME READY — Ask Alexa for help with anything from recipes to jokes, or use the smart home dashboard to control your connected devices at a touch. Show Mode turns Fire Max 11 into a smart display.

Specification: Introducing Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet, our most powerful tablet yet, vivid 11″ display, octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 14-hour battery life, 64 GB, Gray


2000 x 1200 TÜV Rheinland for low blue light certified (213 PPI).

Location Services

Location-based services via wifi.

2 reviews for Introducing Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet, our most powerful tablet yet, vivid 11″ display, octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 14-hour battery life, 64 GB, Gray

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  1. NETAdmin

    . I bought the older Fire 10 Pro when it first came out and had been using it as my main Android tablet until last week. The productivity pack’s keyboard was basically unusable due to connection issues, and many keys failed completely within a few months of light use. The keyboard case itself was heavy but really sturdy. Performance was acceptable with UI lag that was very annoying at times. I had it running Google apps and pretty much anything I would use on a normal Android tablet. So how does the Fire Max 11 compare? Really well actually. The software still needs some refinement but it is a major step forward in just about every way. As a note, while my reviews are marked Vine Voice, I have yet to use the program to receive review products and I paid for this tablet with my own money.Performance (4/5): Excellent for the price (I bought the tablet without ads + the productivity bundle during Prime Day). The UI is fast, apps load quickly, and the memory use is low on Fire OS running Google apps without debloating Amazon apps and services. I have been able to run spit screen apps without any noticeable performance hit. Unfortunately, there are some issues that I will discuss during the software section below.Software (4/5 on OS, 2/5 on Fire OS is known to have some ADB security additions that are not in earlier versions. This interferes with Fire Toolbox and our ability to add some apps, limit or disable auto OTA updates, change the default launcher, and disable some Amazon apps. This is annoying and unnecessary behavior from the Amazon Software Dev team. Thankfully my Fire Max 11 came with OS so I retained that and loaded Google services via Fire Toolbox and all other apps that I normally use via the Play Store. All apps have worked great with exception of the YouTube app from the Play Store. The Fire OS video driver doesn’t seem to be able to render 30 FPS videos properly with the screen running at 60hz refresh rate and there is serious choppiness which is especially noticeable during panning shots. This isn’t a problem for YouTube videos running in the Opera web browser so it’s not a hardware issue. I imagine this will be resolved in the future but I will not be updating my OS version until Amazon stops interfering with customer attempts to customize our tablets and install Google apps.Tablet Case (3/5): The case is held in place with magnets. The keyboard portion is fairly secure and self-aligning which is nice. The back cover with integrated kickstand is ok, but could use stronger magnets to keep it from lifting off or twisting when the kickstand is deployed. The keyboard and kickstand are not super stable on your lap for typing, so you really should find a flat surface for any serious work.Keyboard (3/5 but could be 5/5 with a software update): the keys are arranged well and have good feel and travel. The system is responsive and I haven’t experienced any key strokes that weren’t recognized while typing quickly. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same praise to offer for the track pad. I’m happy that this keyboard has a track pad but its proximity to the space bar and overall sensitivity means that it often registers a click when typing. This causes the cursor to move to some random place in the document and anything typed appears there. This a really annoying and I experienced the issue nearly a dozen times while typing this review. I think a software update could fix this but for now I will place some electrical tape along the top edge to limit these clicks. Another issue with the trackpad is the inability to reverse the scrolling direction. I invert scrolling on all devices I use (Windows and Linux) and not being able to set this up means that I end up using the touchscreen to scroll through websites instead of using the touchpad.Screen (4/5): The screen exhibits some ghosting but the overall presentation is decent enough for the price. I didn’t find any purple cast in dark areas or backlight bleed which is common on cheaper displays. Max brightness is good and the tablet can be used outside in most conditions despite the glossy finish. Having active pen support at this price point is a welcome addition. The quality of the Pen is nice and I didn’t experience any issues during my brief testing.Battery life (5/5): Battery life is excellent. I mostly use my Android tablets for watching videos, browsing websites, performing remote IT System Administration, and some PDF or e-book reading here and there. So far the battery life is better than my last 10 Pro despite the performance being much higher.Frame and build quality (5/5): The body looks and feels premium which means it really needs to have the keyboard case to avoid damaging the finish. This is not a bad thing, just a departure from the more rugged plastic cases employed on earlier Fire Tablets.Speakers (3/5): The speakers sound good but they do not get as loud as the speakers on my Fire 10 Pro. I often find that want more volume but the setting is maxed. I went looking for a safety limiter in the menu but it seems like that’s just as loud as it gets.Cameras (3/5 rear, 4/5 front): The rear camera is basic when compared to other rear cameras modules on the market and does a really poor job in low light. The front facing camera is above average in all but the worst light.Overall (4/5 with Fire OS, 3/5 with OS This is a well rounded tablet that would serve a lot of people well. Most of the issues I have with the tablet itself are software related and are minor. The main problem long term is if Amazon continues to try to lock down the tablets to prevent customization and enabling Google services and the Google Play Store. I do not think that locking a customer into the Amazon ecosystem is a good idea, and allowing this flexibility doesn’t limit a users interaction with the Amazon services that they commonly use and enjoy. For the Prime Day price it’s really hard to go wrong with this tablet for older teens and even professionals. I would not recommend this for young children as I don’t think it would survive multiple drops, and the performance is overkill for the use case they have.

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  2. Ski9

    . I got the productivity bundle and I am super pleased. I needed something to take notes with in classes, that also had a touch screen for drawing, and this is great for that. (Amazon app store has OneNote and Squid and both are great for notes with this.) In my experience it DOES matter which app you use with the pen because a paint app I tried worked but was slow (so I blame the app, since OneNote and Squid are fine). There is also a fairly new open source app called Saber that seems great (I still need to experiment with that one — available on F-Droid). I’m thinking that some of the professional reviews (on other web sites) got an early or different version of the pen because the harsh criticisms of it do not match my experience. It works great.This is my 2nd Fire tablet, and I like it so much better than my first one, Fire 8 HD from 2017. I wasn’t unhappy with the old tablet when I got it (because I got it on sale for a great price) but I just almost never used it because the screen was so unpleasant and stressful to look at, plus the device was annoyingly slow. Not so with this new tablet — I am very pleased with the screen quality, and the speed is good for how I’m using it.The pen and keyboard are also awesome. I wasn’t sure at first whether I liked the aspect ratio/shape of the tablet but actually it makes sense. The longer shape allows for nearly full-sized key spacing on the keyboard while not causing the tablet to be unnecessarily large and heavy, as it would be with the iPad’s aspect ratio. Someone said they prefer the snap-in clamshell keyboard that is available for the 10, but I much prefer this thin-and-light keyboard (didn’t have the 10 but considered it and looked at pics of its keyboard). It is super easy and fast to pull off and snap on the keyboard and it does not need batteries. At home (where I have “real” laptops) I use the tablet mostly without the keyboard, and half of the keyboard case stays on it, protecting the back and the camera, and giving the tablet a nice non-slip feel, plus I can use the fold-out stand. I don’t use it on my lap at school, and at home I use a lap desk so I don’t mind that I can’t put it directly in my lap. Really, I have no complaints at all about this setup.Well, maybe I can complain a little about Fire OS but it is mostly okay. I would hate it for a phone but it is fine for a tablet. And it is much improved over what I had on my old Fire, especially the settings (I like to have control and info). I put Google Play on my previous Fire but I’m not sure I will do so on this one. I mean I have an Android phone that has things I’d like from the Play store, like my calculator collection and bank apps and whatnot. I don’t need to replicate that on this tablet. I’ve installed F-Droid so I can still easily put a bunch of nice apps on it. I have a Linux terminal app (Termux) and will probably install a Linux distro with desktop which will further expand the usability. Plus I have a Microsoft 360 subscription from work and it is nice to have an app for that on this tablet too. It has the most critical work apps like Zoom and Teams and Office and Outlook. So it already has what I really need on a tablet. Oh, and Kindle, of course. I think in the past it was almost necessary to side-load Google Play but the Amazon App Store is better now, at least for a tablet.I paid to get rid of the ads (I value discounts a lot, but aesthetics even more) and now this tablet is a pleasure to use. And soooo much less expensive than a similar setup would have been from Apple.

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    Original price was: $229.99.Current price is: $514.56. BZD

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    Introducing Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet, our most powerful tablet yet, vivid 11″ display, octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 14-hour battery life, 64 GB, Gray
    Introducing Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet, our most powerful tablet yet, vivid 11″ display, octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 14-hour battery life, 64 GB, Gray

    Original price was: $229.99.Current price is: $514.56. BZD

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